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Why Deadbolt Locks So Important

You may not understand why deadbolt locks are so important until you need one. Deadbolt locks are made with the most durable materials and are generally used to support another lock. At Locksmith Pros Orland Park in Orland Park, Illinois, we install both single and double cylinder deadbolt locks. It is the single cylinder that we tend to install most often. With a single cylinder deadbolt you only require one key to unlock it. There is a knob that will twist on the interior of the keyhole. The double cylinder lock requires two keys, one for each side of the lock. This type of deadbolt, while durable, can pose a serious threat to your safety and security. Suppose there is a fire and you need to get out in a hurry. If you have misplaced the other key or can’t find it, this would prove tragic for everyone involved. Most people don’t want to take this chance and that is why they pass on the double cylinder locksmith and opt for the single cylinder instead.

Installing a Deadbolt Lock

This type of lock reinforces your security, no matter where it is used. An intruder would have to exert a lot of effort to break a deadbolt lock. Not many are willing to take the time needed to do so. It is far easier for them to simply go to the next place where they don’t have a deadbolt lock than to stand around waiting to break yours.

If you have a deadbolt lock that isn’t installed correctly, it would do you much good. Make sure you depend on a locksmith service that is reputable and reliable. If you do not, you may have just wasted your money. This is another reason why so many invest in deadbolt locks. They see it as a way to improve their home security without taking out a loan to do so. A good deadbolt lock will usually cost less than $250. This includes the parts and installation fees.

Based on the reputation of a deadbolt lock, many homeowners realize that they are getting something that offers them peace-of-mind. It’s certainly worth every dime. If the deadbolt lock was not as useful and practical as most people think they are, they wouldn’t be a top seller in the industry.

Choosing the Right One

As mentioned previously, there are two primary types of deadbolt locks. While these two locks are very popular, there is one preferred over the other, the single cylinder deadbolt lock. While both are strong and sturdy, one is less problematic and this is the single cylinder lock. If you’re not convinced one way or the other and need additional information before you make a decision, consult with any of our locksmiths about your options. They’ll also install it for you, if you would like.

Your Door and Deadbolt Locks

If you use the services of a locksmith who you don’t know much about, they might bank on your not knowing much about the industry. This means that when they come to install your deadbolt, whether you have the right type of door or not, they will still install it. The type of door that a deadbolt lock is installed on is very important. The wrong type of door and the whole idea of your securing your property with a deadbolt goes down the toilet. A reputable locksmith will be sure to let you know if the deadbolt lock should be installed on the type of door that you have or not. One that just wants your money will install the lock and plan on returning when someone was able to kick in the frame of your door and still gain access into your home.

There is no doubt about it, deadbolt locks are the most affordable and practical security feature that is installed by practically every locksmith around. Again, when you’re thinking of having one installed, do not let an amateur do this for you. They may not have the necessary skills to handle the job for you. When a reputable locksmith is on the case, you can plan on a thorough job and a lock that is sure to offer you the protection that you need.

If you are considering making some improvements to your home security, why not make an inspection of your home to see where you have deadbolt locks and where more might be useful. Let our locksmiths know and they can help you find the ones best for your needs. You may not require the same type of deadbolt for each door. What we highly recommend is that you at least have deadbolt locks installed on all of your exterior doors. These are the ones that are the most stable and sturdy. They can withstand the pressure of a heavy-duty lock, such as a deadbolt.

If you can’t afford the most expensive deadbolt locks, choose any that you can afford and upgrade later. They offer optimum security for your home, office or commercial building, regardless of the type you have. Our locksmiths have experience installing every type of deadbolt lock and you can certainly trust they know how to give you exactly what you need. If you ever experience a break-in or an attempted break-in, don’t hesitate to have deadbolt locks installed. Some people say that they are not guaranteed to prevent a break-in, however, you won’t find many homes that have deadbolt locks installed, broken into. Nothing is full proof but you don’t take the same risks when you have a deadbolt installed. We know that one thing is for certain it is better to be safe than sorry. We want our customers to be prepared for the worst. This might just be a break-in that you have been trying to avoid. Heed the advice of our locksmiths and contact us today to discus your many deadbolt lock options. There is no deadbolt lock that our locksmiths can’t install for you.

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